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About Schmitt Industries Inc.

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Schmitt Industries designs, manufactures and markets highly precise test, measurement and process control systems for a wide variety of applications. The Company was founded in 1987 after determining that there was no simple or reliable solution for in-process dynamic balancing of precision grinding machines. Precision grinding is a necessary step for nearly every manufacturing process. The Company’s SBS dynamic balancing systems can detect and dynamically correct vibration as low as 0.02 microns to ensure product quality. SBS acoustic emission sensors help grinding machine operators maximize the efficiency of the grinding process, thereby increasing part throughput and lowering operating costs.

The Company’s family of products continued to grow in the early 2000’s with the acquisition of the Acuity™ line of dimensional and distance measurement lasers. These laser products utilize both triangulation and time-of-flight measurement principles and are known for their speed and accuracy. The Acuity products are used in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and research applications.

In 2007, the Company purchased Xact™ ultrasonic measurement technology for the remote monitoring of the fill levels of propane and other liquid tanks. The Xact system sends a “ping” through the tank wall and then detects the echo. This time-of-flight data, along with other information such as tank size and configuration, is used to calculate the fill level and that data is transmitted by satellite to a secure website for display. Typical users are bulk propane, diesel, jet fuel suppliers and ammonia users and distributors.

Today, Schmitt Industries is one of the world leaders in providing highly precise test, measurement and process control products that help customers save money, increase production efficiency and improve product quality. Schmitt Industries is an ISO 9001 certified company.